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We ship Globally, Delivery times vary by region. We have several levels of shipping service, and offer good discounts on Express Priority Air courier shipments. We ship orders Monday to Friday, excluding holidays, via FedEx and EMS.

Exact shipping rates will be displayed online during the checkout process – before your order is submitted. So you can preview the shipping cost to your location before you actually place an order.

■ Shipping Method
Orders processed after 12:00 noon Pacific Time, or on weekends or holidays, will be shipped the following business day.

■ FedEx

- Export rates for international priority shipments

$ A B C D E F G H I J
  China(South Hong Kong, Taiwan Japan China(Excluding China South), Malaysia, Thailand Brunel, Cambodia,India U.S(Western Region) Austrlia, NewZealand, U.S(Rest of Country) France, Germany United Kingdom Bulgaria Russia, Slovenia Argentina,Brazil, Costa Rica Pakistan,South Africa, United Arab Emirates
  40 40 41 46 47 48 52 55 57 60